Famous British Formula One Drivers

Formula One has seen more than its fair share of big personalities and loveable characters over the years. Some have made their name through their exciting style of driving, some through their on camera charm and some simply through what is a critique essay? No matter how they did it, it is fair to say that Formula One’s success owes a debt of gratitude to the drivers whose personalities could light up even the dullest of races.

Jim Clark

Considered by many to be one of the greatest Formula One drivers who ever lived, Jim Clark boasts a winning record that is second to none. In a career that was tragically cut short at the age of 32 by fatal crash in Germany 1968, Jim Clark managed to win 2 drivers world championships and claim a remarkable 25 Grand Prix victories. At the time of his death, no other driver had accumulated as many race wins or podium finishes.

Jackie Stewart

Affectionately known as “The Flying Scotsman,” Jackie Stewart is perhaps Britain’s most famous export when it comes to the world of Formula One. Taking over from where the late Jim Clark left off, Stewart enjoyed a 100 race career that spanned over 8 years and saw 3 world championship wins. With 43 podium finishes and 27 wins, he is one of the most prolific, and certainly one of the most iconic, Formula One drivers of all time.

Nigel Mansell

It is hard to think of a more celebrated British Formula One driver of recent times than Nigel Mansell. By no means the most successful British Formula One Drivers the world has ever seen, although he did claim one world title, Mansell’s popularity stems from his determined personality and ability to overcome adversity. Although is world championship title was won in 1992, it is perhaps the 1986 title for which he will be most remembered, when a puncture in the last race of the season denied him his chance of securing what would have been his championship crown. However, despite this misfortune, Mansell continued to compete until finally he got his just rewards in 1992.

David Coulthard

Like Mansell, David Coulthard wasn’t by any means Britain’s most successful Formula One driver, but he is considered by many of his peers to be one best. In a career that spanned over 14 years and 247 races, Coulthard collected more world championship points than any other British driver in history. Indeed, he is only one of five drivers of any nationality to have claimed over 500 career points. Known more for his consistency rather than his flair, Coulthard will always be remembered by racing fans as somebody who gave his best in every race he competed in.

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